Profit improvement & Cashflow

We’ve probably all heard the saying…..”turnover is vanity, cashflow is sanity…..”.  However, why can’t you keep your vanity and retain your sanity? Why not have the best of both worlds!

Has your accountant ever provided this proactive advice? or merely said at the year-end accounts meeting….”this is your profit and your tax bill is £xx, due by……………see you same time next year….”

Whilst we appreciate this advice is very important and sometimes all that clients require, some clients do want to know what will happen to their profits and cashflow if their margins change, or their prices increase, or they collect and pay off their debts in a certain number of days etc.

We are ideally placed with the innovative systems and knowledge to be able to answer these questions.

To ask us that question why not Contact us for more details.

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